Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do You Know What Today Is?

Today is my middle son, Max's birthday. And he's 11! How did that happen? He went from a newborn baby to this

and then straight to this

at least that's how it seems to me.

It was just yesterday that I was debating on how to tell hubby that we were again expecting our second child (having suffered a miscarriage the fall before). I settled on buying Drew a plain white t-shirt and taking a fabric marker to it. I wrote on it in big blue letters


And I took him straight to the hotel to visit his daddy at work. Needless to say, hubs was a bit stunned.

The day he was born I should have known what a stubborn child he was going to be. We ended up walking the hospital for HOURS. I was stuck at three centemetres and the little bugger woudln't budge. But then when he did decide to make his entrance, it came so fast that I didnt' even have time for those glorious pain inhibiting drugs.

Randall Max made his entrance at exactly 4pm on May 5, 2000. I remember looking down at his sweet little face and wondering how anyone can hold a newborn in their arms and not believe in the existance of God.

If having my second child has taught me anything it is to expect the unexpected. My first pregnancy was a breeze, the actual delivery a breeze and Drew's first few months were a breeze. Max by comparison was a much fussier eater and a horrible sleeper. We had him in the hospital quite a bit his first year with bout after bout of RSV. He spent a lot of time under an oxygen tent, and at home he had to get used to nebulizer treatments, which he didn't like AT ALL!!

He crawled early, walked early, ran early and climbed all over my furniture early. But he did it in his own time....along with eating solid foods, potty training and giving up the bottle (which he didnt' do until he was almost 4).

A couple of weeks after his 4th birthday he became a big brother -- which he took pretty much in stride.

Instantly protective, he didn't like it when someone would reach down and touch his little brother. Even now, with all their fighting, no one is allowed to mess with Ryker.

Max is a tough kid....always has been. I always said that if he ever did actually cry after a fall that we better get him to an ER because he is actually hurt. But he is a very sensitive young man, and would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it more.

He's got a sharp wit, and a sharp tongue which I both applaud and abhor (sometimes). He thinks for himself, stands up for himself and doesn't take crap from anyone. He has an opinion on everything, and has a fantastic memory for animals and all things scientific. I've had many teachers tell me how remarkable it is that he knows so much stuff about so much....stuff. Seriously, the kid is like a walking, human discovery channel.

Max is my mirror image in how he looks, but is probably the child least like me in attitude and mannerisms.

He is an amazing kid, and I am thankful every day for his quick wit and quicker hugs.



DeeMomof6 said...

Congrats on you birthday Max. Where has the time truly gone? We should really try to get together one of these years soon. It sounds like our boys would have a blast getting to know eachother.

Your Mama said...

Love that boy! (most of the time) teehee....jks
He looks so much like you!

SongbirdMama said...

Dee.....that would be awesome. Wish you guys lived closer.

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