Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Picture This

Sweat pants, t-shirts, and tennis shoes: it’s the mommy uniform. I should know since I wear it every day. I remember when my closet contained cute clothes. The tag of nearly every garment read ‘dry clean’ or ‘hand wash.’ Those were the days when spit up only got on your duds after your friends made you laugh so hard that it flew out of your own mouth.

When I look in my closet now, I cringe. It’s pretty pathetic. If a t-shirt is stained, I wear it anyway. If a pair of pants has a hole, who cares? It’s sad but true. My main clothes criteria three kids later: is it washable? I see how the mommy uniform grabs you and never lets go.

Enough is enough.

Take a look at this top from Hale Bob. The kimono style blouse is silk. A four letter word that’s rarely allowed in my home anymore. The floaty fabric is embroidered with sparkles and falls at the hip.

I’m so excited that it’s dry clean only!

It’s the perfect uniform for date night.

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DeeMomof6 said...

I LOVE that shirt! It's funny I needed to dress-up my mommy clothes for working and I just went to the thrift store because I figured most of those had already been washed and if they got kid stuff on them it wasn't going to be a huge loss from my budget. I figure a few more years and maybe I can get cute things again too... When I have no more toddlers!

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