Monday, January 28, 2013

The Purpose of Motherhood

There is a story about three stonecutters, each chipping away at a large block. A passerby approaches the first stonecutter, “Excuse me, what are you doing?” The stonecutter replies rather gruffly, “Can’t you see? I’m chipping away at this big hunk of stone.” Approaching the second craftsman, our curious person asks the same question. This stonecutter looks up with a mixture of pride and resignation and says, “Why I’m earning a living to take care of my wife and children.” Moving to the third worker, our questioner asks, “And what are you doing?” The third stonecutter looks up, his face shining, and says with reverence, “I’m building a cathedral!”

They all have a purpose to their actions, but some see deeper. They see the final product and what they are doing now to achieve that product. The meaning of our actions come from within us. When we have the purpose of our actions in our mind as we do the mundane things of life, they really don’t seem mundane. Each action we do is a piece to our main goal. We need the small steps to get us there, but have to keep our vision in mind. When we have that vision and purpose, the mundane is then filled with love and purpose as well.

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