Thursday, May 12, 2016

Three Things

Today I thought I'd share three things about my three favorite boys.

1.  Andrew just finished his first year of university.  You have no idea how insanely proud I am of this kid.
2.  He will still hug his public.
3.  He is one of the funniest, and caring people in the whole wide world.

1.  Max has the quickest wit of anyone I've ever met.  He can pull out some zingers and amazing one liners without skipping a beat.
2.  At 6'3" he towers over the entire family (he just turned 16 last week y'all)
3.  He likes shopping more than most teenage girls, and has a great sense of fashion and style.  

1.  Ryker is a natural leader.  He is a people magnet and always has kids clamoring around him to be his friend.
2.  He get deeply intense about everything he puts his mind to.  He loves to draw, play basketball, and is a whiz with a Rubiks Cube.
3.  He has the biggest heart in the world and loves to show affection.

I sure do love these boys of mine.

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