Thursday, May 26, 2016

Things I Want Thursday

This is another fun little thing I'm going to try for the next little while.  My wishlist for "things" is typically frivelous, but still....stuff I want.

1.  Batman Zip up Hoodie -- because, come on.  Who doesn't love Batman?  He's my favourite hero.  He doesn't even have super powers.....just a lot of cool gadgets that make him a totally kick ass superhero.

2.  Super cute maxi dress - because I love me some maxi dresses

3. Polaroid Mobile Printer -- prints images directly from your smart phone.  Maybe now, I may actually get some pictures printed, instead of lost in the cyberworld.
4.  This super cute blouse - because I can always use more fancy work clothes

5.  All this super cool workout gear -- maybe this will help me get motivated to get my sweat on.

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