Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Tired Mom's Goodbye to the End of the School Year

I'm tired.

So very tired.

I'm tired of this school year.

I want it over.

I'm tired of attempting to wake boys from their deep sleeps with that frantic fury of mobilizing their weary body's out the door.

I'm tired of checking the forecast and reminding them that it is not a shorts day, and yes, they do need to take a jacket.

I'm tired of making breakfast and fixing lunches, all before I have sufficiently caffeinated myself.

I'm tired of fighting with them to go to bed because they have school tomorrow.

I'm tired of the Friday highs and the Sunday sighs.

I'm tired of getting emails from the school, updates from the school, and reminders from the school.

I'm tired of take home papers to read and sign.

I"m tired of schools trying to cram a ton of end of the year activities into already overcrowded schedules.

I'm tired of saying, "Did you get your homework done".

I'm tired of papers, notebooks, shoes, and gym bags being strewn all over my house.

I'm tired of looking for sharpened pencils, highlighters, and lost books.

I'm tired of coming up with lunch ideas

I'm tired of feeling like I'm failing at lunch ideas.....and dinner ideas.

I'm tired of processed food, fast food, and rushing in general.

BUT -- the ONE thing I'm NOT tired of --

Being grateful for my kids' school and teachers, who work hard every day to give my kids the education they deserve.

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Your Mama said...

hahaha......this is all so TRUE!

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