Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Little Things

There are so many times that we try to find money to take extravagant vacations or to prove to our kids that we love them with money, when it's the small things that they will remember. Will they remember great vacations? Yes, but they will also remember playing in the rain, baking cookies with Mom, running through the sprinkler, having blanket forts and smores.

I wonder how often we sit back and wait on God to wow us instead of taking the time to notice the small things that He has done for our enjoyment. The joy of a summer rain, the perfect spots on a ladybug's back, the smile on our child's face. We are so self absorbed in today's world that we often forget that we don't need to be wowed. There is nothing that He owes us, yet we expect so much. How often do we take the time to be thankful that when we are feeling quiet and bummed that He's sitting right there with us and is willing to listen if we want to share, or to just be there with us through it. We sell Him so short. We hold onto bitterness, anger, frustration, wounds, etc... and keep ourselves from enjoying all He has to offer.

This morning I found myself watching my son with his Go Diego, Go fleece blanket sitting on my couch watching Backyardigans (his favorite show). He actually thanked me for letting him watch it. Then as he sat there with a smile on his face and snuggling his "blankie", I realized why the Lord so wants us to be like a child. They take the time to enjoy life. They don't hold onto all of the crap that we do. Ooooooooooh how I want to be like that. I want to be like my little to dance in the rain.

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Ally Brown said...

Your post was so true. What I love about kids is just how trusting they are to us. They think we know everything and more. They look up to us so much. I think that's how we need to be with our relationship with Heavenly Father. For He does know everything and more and we need to trust Him.

You know how our kids KNOW that we'll always make everything better? The pain they feel after they get a cut, the pain they feel inside when someone wasn't nice to them, or the broken glass that they accidentally dropped on the floor while trying to help you unload the dishwasher. They TRUST that you'll make it better. They don't care to know how it'll be made better, they just know it will be. Such trust is what we need to have in the Lord. That is when my kids become my examples.

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