Friday, November 14, 2008

Okay, so I know I'm a day late.............

For some reason, I've been a day behind all week. So, I know it's Friday, but here is this weeks Thursday Thirteen:

Thirteen Things That Bother Me (LOL -- You can tell I'm sick today)

1. When people don't use blinkers.

2. Putting on make-up while driving. (I am not talking about freshening up your lipstick, although that is probably not too safe either, but about full make-up application) People who read or eat while driving bother me too.

3. When people turn right on red while I am trying to turn left into the same lane and I have a left turn light.

4. When shopping carts are left in the parking places.

5. When people carelessly take up more than one space. (I promise the other day someone had pulled through to the front space so they were "backed in" to their space and managed to take up 4 spots. I kid you not, why didn't I take a pic???)

6. When someone drives in the left lane at slow speeds.

7. When customer service people do other things while checking me out.

8. When people are rude to customer service or wait staff. (The second is not smart, I worked as a waitress long enough to know that you should not be mean to the last person to see your food before you do. Please note that I never did anything gross to anyone's food, I don't have it in me but there are plenty of people who do.)

9. When people are habitually late for no other reason than they can't leave on time. My time is as important as yours! (Grrr…..hubby is bad for this one)

10. When someone does not thank you for holding the door open for them.

11. When someone does not wave or nod or some form of kind gesture when I let them over in my lane or stop so they can pull onto the road in front of me...Must be a Canadian thing.

12. When people do not respond to the RSVP or please reply or Regrets of an invitation.

13. When people think that they are entitled (this one is probably a Thursday Thirteen of it's own but I will leave it at that for now.)


Mark and Emily said...

100% agree with all of them!! Those are some good ones.

Michelle said...

The waving is such a Canadian thing! I hardly, if ever see it done here. Rude Americans! (Haha!)

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