Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Confessions to My Mother

1.Without looking in the mirror, I can tell when my face has an expression exactly like yours.

2. You are the bravest person I ever met.

3. Every piece of your advice that I've rejected I've now given to someone else.

4. The inside of my bathroom drawer looks exactly like the inside of your bathroom drawer.

5. You were right about the eyebrow-plucking thing.

6. You were right about "what's his [their] name."

7. When something great or terrible happens to me, you aren't always the first person I tell, but your always the first person I think of.

8. Nothing anyone has ever said to me matches the power of one look from you.

9. I wish I could live one day over with you when I was five, ten, fifteen, and twenty years old.

10. The fact that you have such a good relationship with God has always made me feel safe.

11. Even though you know me better than anyone in the world, I still clean the house before you come as though I were trying to impress a complete stranger.

12. I love that you never ask what happened to the hundreds of articles of clothing that we spent thousands of hours choosing, altering, trying on, discussing, and coordinating.

13. Your twenty-four-hour motherly hotline means more to me than Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, and voice mail combined.


Michelle said...

Numbers 3 and 4...oh so true. It's funny how we vow never to do things the way our mothers do and then somehow, one day we wake up and realize that we are our mothers! But, I can think of worse people to turn out like. Thanks for the wonderful reminder about how great mothers are.

Karen said...

I love #9!! I wish the same thing for me & my mom. Strange how once we grow up we realize how right they are...and how grateful we are.

Anonymous said...


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