Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm Just Sayin......

This is the one where the lurkers delurk and the hate mail rolls in.

Can we do ourselves a favor and stop diagnosing ourselves?? Please?? Pretty Please? I am over the 'I am so OCD' or 'A tad bit ADD' and 'I am anal'. (So go ahead, click 'compose' on that window you just opened.)

Really? Because you like your vacuum lines to read out the alphabet in Greek doesn't make you 'Anal'. It makes you quirky. So, you like your laundry room organized by product and height just means you like stuff orderly. Really, is it so odd to want to know where stuff is??

Since you like your clothes meticulously ironed and your stainless steel appliances to be free and clear of handprints doesn't mean you have some obsessive compulsive disorder. You like your home clean and tidy. Not so crazy. Now, if you pair that with a strong desire to turn all door knobs twice to the left and jump four times on the right foot then pick your teeth with the same toothpick since 1997......well, feel free to claim OCD for yourself.

So you have a hard time sitting still through the entirety of Waterworld....maybe you're just a tad off focus and need to find a more interesting movie? I mean, really?

Does anyone need more labels than we already carry? Mom, Dad, Sports Fan, Fat, Skinny, Working Parent, Single Parent, Brunette, Blonde, etc.Lastly,

(Type in in the 'to' area). Can we stop calling our daughters 'Princess' and 'Divas'? Am I the only person who sees that this is not the persona I would want my child to adhere to? Why would I want my daughter to feel as though she is better than anyone? Could this perhaps be a stepping stone in the 'Queen Bee and Wanna Bee' trend? We are pumping their tiny little ego's up so much they can't help themselves but strut like they are entitled to something more than polite respect. If I had a daughter, why would I ever give her the carte blanche to be a sassy 'diva'? She would probably already be 'sassy' enough without me crediting her with frivolous titles. Much less decorating her derrière with frilly sweat pants and glamorous words calling attention to both her backside and poor behavior. I can already hear the back talking conversation from the principals office while she is being reprimanded, telling the social servant of the school that it must be okay since her own mother tells her she is.It's fine, I can take whatever mean crapyou wanna say. But, I am just sayin'.

***disclaimer***Not perfect, not saying I am not a hypocrite to some degree. Admittedly, I can be wrong. And if you call that out I am not afraid to say I was wrong. And if you are someone who takes offense to anything I said, I apologize. This is just a rant. And you know what they say about opinions anyhow, they're like assholes-everyone has 'em and everyones stink.


Mark and Emily said...

O.k, I'll agree with you here, the line of 'Queen Bee and Wanna Bee' is very true. I think at people's attempt to build self esteem they start labeling themselves with what they want to be or others do it for them. Another thought provoking post!

chantal said...

I call myself OCD because I actually am.Diagnosed. But i totally agree with you. I have never called my daughter "princess", though my brother does. But I think its tacky.

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