Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sorry for the echo. No, I have not abandoned my blog. But between work, play rehersals, practices, costume fittings, family time, and the little bit of blissful sleep I get, I really haven't had the time, brain power, or energy to be here.

The play will be over near the end of November and hopefully before the Christmas chaos starts, I will be here a little more frequently. I'm still reading you all when I can, and I'm sorry for not being my usual amazing self. :-p


Your Mama said...

ooooo.....but you ARE still so AMAZING......even MORE AMAZING....AMAZING QUADRUPLE.....<3

DeeMomof6 said...

I agree with Your Mama... your totally amazing. My excuse is that I was sick and when I wasn't doing things for kids I was laying in my bed sleeping or watching movies with the kids to keep them quiet. I think your reason is WAY better. Widh I was able to come out and see the Play :(


I hope this year is the best one yet -- for each and every one of you!!