Monday, October 10, 2011

A Love Letter To My Husband

To the man who holds the key to my heart:

If someone would have told me 14 years ago that I would be here, married to you..I would have laughed. Honestly, the summer that we met, the last thing I was looking for was a relationship. But there you were.....tall, handsome, confident. You knew you could have had any girl in town. And yet somehow you chose me.

I'm still not sure how I snagged you. But I'm sure someone else had a hand in it, and I thank Him every day for bringing us together. And if I could go back in time and choose whether or not to marry you again I would.....over and over and over.

Thank you for being you. There is just something about you that I cannot resist. There always was, right from that first night over the pool table. You weren't like the other men, letting me win in the hopes of gaining my affection. You beat me.....badly and repeatedly. You challenged me. You still do.

I’m so proud to call you my husband. It means so much to me to be your wife. I want to thank you so much for loving me. For seeing something in me. For marrying me. For listening to my concerns and working to make our marriage better. For putting up with my moods when I’m dealing with issues.

I love you so very much and am committed to making our marriage last through the eternities. There will always be times when we’re not getting along the best. There will be times that are low on money. There will be trials. That is part of life and God’s plan. But we’ve made it through the stretch that can be the hardest, and now here we are. We've made it. And I love you for it!

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