Saturday, January 7, 2012


Dang it! I missed posting yesterday! How pathetic is that.

However, I DID get my dressers in my room finished yesterday and today I will be working on my closet and all the boys rooms too. I sort of turned it into a weekend project, and I already have a big garbage bag full of clothes that are ready to go to Goodwill. Hmm......maybe this is the answer to my laundry quandry.

AND....I've already got everything I need together for Monday's FHE lesson. For January I am focussing on Family History and geneology. So Monday's lesson is going to focus on where our family comes from. I've printed off some simple family trees and world maps for the boys to work on. And I'm thinking of making dinner and dessert that night with traditional fares from France and/or Ireland (two countries that our families are from).

The new job is still awesome, and I'm really looking forward to the kids going back to school on Monday. Holidays are great, but they really need to get back into their routines.

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