Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Table talk Tuesday......on a Wednesday

OK, so I know I'm a day late.....but it's that crazy time of year when school and soccer are ending. finals are ending, plans are being please forgive me for my slack-assedness this week.

Here are the questions and answers we had at our dinner discussion this week.

1.  What kind of pets do you want to own when you grow up?

     Drew -- Wolf
     Max -- I would want a dolphin with a gorilla taped to its back
     Ryker -- A gecko, a monkey and a komodo dragon

2.  If you saw someone cheating on a test would you report them?  Why or why not?

     Drew -- No because no one likes a snitch
     Max -- Yes, because cheating is bad
     Ryker -- No because there is no point; they are only cheating themselves (smart boy, eh)

3.  If you could make snow any other color for one day, what color would you choose?

     Drew -- Red so it would look like blood
     Max -- Black so people would get all freaked out about it
     Ryker -- Rainbow colors because it would look pretty

4.  If you could do one really nice thing for yourself  this week, what would it be?

     Drew -- I'd go to Marble Slab and pig out on ice cream
     Max -- I'd buy myself a dolphin and ride it
     Ryker -- I'd teach myself to swim

5.  What could we do as a family this summer to help others?

     Drew -- Volunteer at the soup kitchen
     Max -- Give food to homeless people
     Ryker -- Help clean up some lakes

6.  What is the one thing about becoming an adult that you are most excited about?

     Drew --Making my own decisions about big stuff, finding my own way, getting out  on my own  
     Max -- Not to be a jerk, but I'm looking forward to moving out and having my own space
     Ryker -- Being able to drive

7.  Would you rather have the ability to read peoples minds, or be invisible?

     Drew -- I'd rather be invisible.  Mind reading is a waste of time because people always say out loud what their thinking eventually to someone -- plus if you're invisible, you can mess with people
     Max -- Invisible because I could mess with people and get away with it
     Ryker -- Mind reading so that I could read peoples minds when I'm standing in line at Walmart

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Your Mama said...

hahahaha.....your boys are all so Different....LOVE IT! This is one of my FAVORITE ideas for your blog

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