Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Roundup

This weekend started off with the thought that since the weather was supposed to be crummy, maybe a movie night at the theatre was in order.  So, dad and the two older boys went and saw


Ryker and I opted for something a little easier for a 9-year old to follow and we decided on seeing

Everyone came away happy with their cinematic selections.....and bellies full of rich, buttery popcorn.  As we left the theatre we realized that we must have missed quite a rain storm, and the air smelled glorious.

Saturday was too nice a day to be indoors, so we decided to put the troops to work in the yard.  We needed to remove an area of dead grass in our backyard and ready it for some fresh sod.  So after doing the flyers and plying the boys with slurpees, we got to work tearing up the earth.

First, Drew had to survey the land and get a plan in place.

Then everyone got to work on tearing up the grass (the horrendous garden and nasty fence are another job for another time)

Ryker was a good little helper who wasn't afraid of getting his hands dirty

But he did have to take a break and get himself up in a tree....he is my monkey after all

Saturday night, Ryker had a sleepover with, who else, his best friend, Corbin.  They had great fun with pop and ice cream sandwiches, nerf wars, xbox, lego and even a bit of dressing up like fancy gentlemen.  Ryker was just upset that he didn't have a monocle.

This morning we had a bit of a damper on our spirits when we learned that Corbin's mom, also named Erin, had to put their dog, Ike, down.  We were all very sad for Corbin's family.  Ryker and I went over to the store to get some flowers and treats and took them to the house to offer our sympathy.  RIP Ike.  You were an awesome old hound.

This evening we are having a delicious dinner of BBQ ribs and playing some games. 

Tomorrow is back to work for another week.  Why cant' the weekends ever last a bit longer?

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