Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Some Simple Truths

Sometimes you just have to sit back and say, "Meh, that's the way life goes".

-  Sometimes you just have to laugh at this drama filled, crazy world.  I definitely get a giggle out of people who make mountains out of molehills, especially when they think everything is about them.  #itsnotallaboutyou  #notthecentreoftheuniverse

-  Sometimes you need a sick day to get things organized.....even if you aren't really sick. #playinghookie  #mentalhealthday

-  Sometimes the only way to get through a conversation with a co-worker is over the phone, where they can't see you with your head in your hands or banging it against a wall.  #pleaselearnyourjob  #readyouremailsbeforeaskingmequestions

-  Sometimes it's okay to say YES to that second bowl of popcorn #mydietstartstomorrow  #itcouldhavebeencake

-  Sometimes a bad day rears it's ugly head and knocks us off our axel.  You need to remember to be kind to those around you, because there is no reason for your bad day to become theirs.  #dountoothers  #peaceloveandharmony

-  Sometimes you have to be the jerk that cuts toxic people out of your life to keep yourself from going crazy.  It's almost been a year since I removed a huge negative weight from my life.  The drama may never bee fully gone (because people can't let things go), but it's no longer a factor in my life, which makes me happy.  #dropthedrama  #notasecondthought

-  Sometimes you just have to switch off your brain and watch some reality tv  #hellskitchen  #biggestloser

-  Sometimes you just have to have music  blasting in the background of every situation; cooking, cleaning, working out  #musicismyboyfriend  #everythingsbetterwithmusic

-  Sometimes people mistake their place in your life.  Just because they THINK they are in your inner circle doesn't mean you have to put them there.  You know who it is that you value, and just because people don't understand it's not them, it's no reason to change your value or belief system just to make them happy.  #loyaltothosewhodeserveit  #knowwhoyourtruefriendsare 

-  Sometimes praying for someone is better than cursing them  #turntheothercheek  #everyonematters

-  Sometimes I wish we still lived in the pre-internet and pre-digital era, because the ability to compare wasn't everywhere.  Sure you had the Jones' that lived down the street, or the boss' beautiful wife, but it wasn't on every platform known to men.  Simple living is sooo appealing sometimes.  #sometimesitsgoodtounplug  #gooutsideforachange

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