Thursday, November 29, 2007

Listen up people. "The Holiday" has a name. It's called CHRISTMAS!!!

Nothing bothers me more at this time of year than the dreaded X-Mas season. I am stunned that the 30% of non-Christians in America have a louder voice than the 70% of us that believe in Christ. How is it that people can be offended at the fact that we want "the holiday" to be centered around Jesus? Do they not understand that without Jesus there would be no "holiday"? What do they think Christmas is exactly? Well you know what.....I'm offended too. I am offended at the word "X-Mas". Is that what people think? It is okay to replace Christ with an X. Really? And why are we as a vastly God believing society allowing "non-believers" to dictate to us how to celebrate the birth of our Savior? It just ticks me off. It's all about buy, buy, buy....spend, spend, spend. Lets see how many presents we can stuff under our trees. No more do you see Christmas carolers going door to door, neighbor helping neighbor. Even our children's "Winter Musicals" programs, cannot have traditional Christmas carols like "Away in a Manger" or "Silent Night". It's heartbreaking and frustrating all in one.

I don't know about you, but I for one love the CHRISTMAS season when you peel away the layers of commercialism and such. So Merry CHRISTmas to you all.


Maren said...

I have recently refused to say the PC "Happy Holidays" to anyone. I'm going to be the Merry Christmas Maniac this year.
Yes! I am your new visiting teacher! I'm excited to have the group of ladies we visit and a partner who won't let me be a dud.

Miss Allison said...

AMEN! Thank you very much. We are living in a time where Christ is forgotten or considered as something imaginary. And how sad is that? And no more "Happy Holidays" for me either! It's "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year". If they don't like my wishing them a nice holiday in those terms, then tough! I'm still going to wish it for them.

Oh! I made a poll, come put down an answer!

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