Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Needed That

Yes, I'm still here. The Babysitter's Club wouldn't return my calls. Dang that Dawn (and Stacey, and Claudia and Mary Anne....). So, I hope that the rest of you Mommies out there are having fun in Mexico. Have a shot of tequila in my honor, would ya?

Ever notice how you can be having "one of those days" and then all of a sudden, out of the blue, the simplest thing can happen and it makes all of the screaming and yelling and fighting and arguing and mess (Oh man, the's going to take me all morning tomorrow to clean up the playroom!) disappear? Our two younger boys had bunk beds in our old house. They seperate into seperate beds, but we only had 3 rooms, so the younger two had to share. Our boys slept together in that room for an entire year and a half....which considering Ryker just turned 4, was a long time for him. They both enjoyed the comfort of sleeping with someone else and it really helped Ryker transition out of our bed and his crib into his own bed.

Every now and then, Ryker will sleep with one of the other boys in their rooms. It happens very rarely. The past three or four nights, however, Ryker has been asking to sleep with Rand almost nightly. We didn't think much of it until tonight, when she asked Ross if it would okay for the fifth night in a row. We were suspicious. When Ross probed a bit, Ryker started to cry. He said that he had had a "bad dream" about falling out of bed and he was scared to sleep alone now. I do believe his dream, but I also know that he's got a bit of anxiety right now what with just moving into this new house, and our impending trip to Canada (without daddy for a whole month), etc. This is where the magic that I so needed to witness kicked in. As soon as Ryker started to cry, Randakk, who up until this point had been struggling with his PJs, held out his arms and hugged Ryker tight. He said, "It's okay, Ry. It's okay. Don't cry. Don't be scared. It's okay". There is a connection and a bond between them that surprises even me some days. And tucking them in tonight (we let Ryker sleep with Rand after Ryker asked Randall, who replied, "Sure!" with the understanding that tomorrow night everyone will have to sleep in their own beds), I was grateful for being able to see that magic and that love that exists. I needed that.

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