Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Once again proof that I'm an idiot

So, yesterday I got into a drag down knock out fight with my dryer. AND I nearly lost.

Don't you hate when you're just cruising along, with a plan and something comes around and screws it UP?

I'm getting ready to head out to the store, have a few errands, don't want to go, so I figure, let's just get it over with so I can get back home and play Yahtzee with the kids or something. (by he way, Yahtzee is such a cool alternative to those multiplication mad minutes I make my son do, he doesn't even realize that I'M getting over on him, not the other way around)

Ahhh....., but I digress, which actually, is the point.

I'm getting ready to jump in the shower and go to throw in a load of clothes. Dryer won't start. Oh man. It's this fancypants Whirlpool with too many setting and lights to ever figure out. Anyway, there's a hundred reasons it's not starting (the most obvious of which we'll get to in a minute) One time this happened and my husband discovered that the dryer actually runs on two separate fuses, he resets the breaker box and Voila! So I try it.

No Voila! Dang it. So, I shut off every circuit (in the process pissing off my son who's upstairs playing video games and yelling, YOU COULD HAVE WARNED ME SO I COULD HAVE SAVED ......Quiet kid, you don't want to get on my bad side this second.

So naturally, I do what's next. I pull out the dryer and.....look at it from behind. You know, that same look you see when your car breaks down and you lift the hood and as if that's going to fix it on it's own.

In the process of moving the dryer, I manage to tear a gigantic hole in the vent...great! Then I notice how much lint and dog hair are back there, must clean that, can't pretend it's not there....

Dryer still isn't working, no matter how much I curse at it, push buttons or reset the fuses. MOOOOOMMMMM, you ruined my game again!!! comes from the upstairs media room.


I know the dryer isn't 'broke' because the little light is on inside of it.

So I go to the whirlpool website to try to get some answers. I read the troubleshooting guide:

~tried that

~did that


~What?!? Do I look like an idiot...."check the door, it might looked closed but your dryer may have an upper and a lower latch...blah blah blah....I grumble over to the dryer...."shut the door, whatever, like that's going to wor......nevermind. I never felt so stupid in my life :p

Sooooo, I then proceed to contort my body in ways that would make an exotic dancer blush and fix the vent (who invented that jackass ring/screw system anyway?) put the dryer back where it goes and now I'm ready for my shower. A well deserved and earned shower at that. Although now I'm feeling like a nap and not wanting to do my errands even more than before. Ugh! Mondays!


Maren said...

Oooooooooh, that's a good one. That sounds like something I would do! Just this morning, the mechanical parking lot arm from the hospital/pediatrician parking lot was down. I've NEVER had to pay for parking there before. I didn't see a soul in the booth. Suddenly there were cars lined up behind me as I'm trying to figure out this totally busted up and broken automatic payment box. I then pulled up closer to see if there was a sensor on the arm. Nope. Got out of the car again to check the payment box while more cars are lining up behind me. Nothin'. The lady behind me rolls down her window and screams, "The guy is right there!!!!!" Doodlepants, sure enough, was in the booth. I asked if he'd been in there the whole time, and he replied in the affirmative. But he was short...and sitting the whole time! Insert the title of your post right here.
Does the fact that I think it's hilarious after the initial embarrassment make me a bigger dork?

SongbirdMama said...

Maren, I love you. Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone in my dorkiness.

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