Monday, June 16, 2008

Okay, so I'm not Jack Handy

That's right, Jack Handy's wit and wisdom are not lost on me. And I know I'm not him, but I do however have some deep and random thoughts that occassionally occupy my mind.....usually when I should be working or concentrating really hard on something. So here are some random thoughts I've had today:

Random thought number one:Why do they make toilet bowl cleaner that smells like peppermint? It's an incredibly intense and incredibly nauseating smell that attacks me every time I pee.

Random thought number two: Is there ever going to come a day when my fair skinned children and I can spend a day at the water park and not get sunburned? Even with a super strength SPF 70 waterproof sunscreen......the intense summer heat was determined to turn us in to a family of lobsters.

Random thought number three:I bought myself a new bathing suit on Saturday. (I haven't had a new suit in about 5 yrs). Now I'm feeling guilty, as usual, about spending the money on myself. Why is that? I will buy new stuff for myself maybe once or twice a year, and then I am wracked with guilt over it and swear of shopping for months at a time.

Random thought number four:Is it September, yet? Because I am so ready for the rug rats to go to school. I love my children, but even when they are in school it feels like I never get a break from them. I just need some "mommy time" once in a while, and I wish my family could understand that without taking it personally.

Random thought number five: Only 9 more sleeps until we go to Canada. I can hardly wait.

Random thought number six:I have gained some weight. Not a whole lot. Just a couple of pounds. But I am determined to get back on track and shed the ice cream muscle.

Random thought number seven: Sometimes this blog is the only thing that saves my sanity during the day.

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