Sunday, February 21, 2016

Devil in Disguise

Maybe it's the fact that I've been binge watching the new TV series, "Lucifer" this weekend, but I was thinking about things that irritate me, that I have decided to dub the devil in disguise.  Do any of these things grind your gears?

- Tangled necklaces
- Shopping carts with shitty wheels
- People who play games, videos, music from their phones in public without using headphones
- Under the skin painful pimples
- Personal space invaders
- Black ice
- Ignorance
- Shoes that rub and blister your pinky toe
- People who say "just kidding" after realizing that everyone else is pissed off by what they said
- Oil stains in clothes that you don't notice until after you've washed and/or dried them
- Funny memes that you want to share but can because of grammar or spelling errors
- That itch on your back that you can't reach no matter how hard you try
-  Self-sabotaging behaviour

What things would you add to my list?

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