Thursday, February 11, 2016

Idol Chatter is BACK

Hello, blog friends.  With this being the final season of American Idol, I have decided to, for one last time, bring back my Idol Chatter segment.  I know many of you have enjoyed it, and I hope I can do it justice one last time.

Typically, I don't like giving my critiques until the live show, but I was honestly a little stumped for a post, so we're starting this week with the Showcase round.  So, without further ado, here's my take on the first 12 contestants.

1.  Stephany Negrete -- "Mama Knows Best" -  It wasn't a horrible performance.  I'm not sure what it is about this chick that rubs me the wrong way, but I really just don't like her.  She could get better, but I found her a bit nasally and shouty.  She had some good power in her long sustained notes, though.

2.  Mackenzie Bourg -- "Say Something" - The kid has an okay voice.  I wish he would have powered out a bit more on this though.  I found it a little boring.  When you're going to sing a song that is in anyway connected to Christina Aguilara, you need to have a bit of power.  I also wasn't sure about the change of melody.  Something was just ........ missing.

3.  Jeneve Mitchell  -- "Angel" -  This song has a special place in my heart, and I was thoroughly disappointed with the way she sang this.  I don't really care for the way she sounds, and the rhythm was off for me.  I found her vocals a little harsh, but her falsetto really weak.  (On a side note, how does a girl who lives off the grid with no tv or radio know all these pop songs?  Her story smells a bit fishy to me).

4.  Jenna Renae -- "My Church" - The beginning was a little low for her, but she started getting a little better.  Then she got bad again at the end and it sounded like he background singers were picking up power to bail her out.  I agree with Harry on the pitch issues.  But she looked fantastic and worked the stage like a pro. 

5.  James XIII -- "Love Lockdown" - So, it's not a secret that I am not a Kanye West fan.  That may be why I didn't really like this performance.  You can tell this guy is a guitar player before he's a singer.  He did great on guitar, but his song choice as far as showing range and ability fell flat.  It sounded really safe.  His last note was pretty good, though.

6.  Sonika -- "Safe and Sound" - Pretty voice, but boring song.  Her ball gown was out of place and all her hand gestures were distracting.......but she has a pretty voice.

7.  Gianna -- "I Put a Spell on You" - She had a pretty good performance, except for the last note.  It's no surprise that she should go far in this competition considering she's something of a pop child legacy.

8.  Emily -- "I am Invincible" - This song started out WAY too low for her and didn't really improve.  The vibrato was irritating. I don't like this girl at all.  I don't think she should have made it past Hollywood week.  This was a bad song choice for her, and could cost her a spot in the live show.

9.  Avalon -- "Love Yourself" - I really like this girl, and for the most part this was a solid performance.  However, it did tend to get a bit boring near the end.  Again, I find myself agreeing with Harry that she should have mixed it up just a little to keep it interesting.  I hope she sticks's nice to see a performer who doesn't conform to the Hollywood machine.

10.  Jordan -- "All By Myself" - When you're going to do a song like this that has been around forever, and done in a BIG way by a set of pipes like Celine Dion, you're better make sure you can deliver a killer performance.  I didn't get that from Jordan. It was theatrical, and indulgent.  This is another contestant I don't really care for.  He's annoying, and not that strong of a singer.

11.  Thomas - "Creep" - I was HUGELY disappointed in this performance.  I normally like this kid, and I love this song, but it just didn't connect for me at all.  He seemed anxious, or nervous; I'm not sure.  He was veering in and out of pitch; it was just a hot mess.

12.  La'Portia -- "Proud Mary" -- Finally!  Here is a contestant that has come to win.  Her performance was brilliant, her stage presence is undeniable, and she's just a fantastic showman. I'm not even mad that she did a carbon copy performance a la Tina Turner.  She's amazeballs!!  (I would like someone to tame her hair, though.  It looks like someone sheared a dirty sheep and dumped he wool on her head.

So, there you have it.  I'm interested to hear what you have to say, and what the judges will decide to do before the control is no longer in their hands.


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DeeMomof6 said...

Thanks for this. I will be missing this season since we don't have cable out here yet so it is nice to have someone to keep me posted.

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