Thursday, February 18, 2016

Idol Chatter --- Top 12 Showcase #2

There were a couple of these contestants that I was really looking forward to hearing from tonight.  Some disappointed, others did not.  Let's get right into the action.

1.  Shelbie -- "Work Hard, Play Harder" : She has great showmanship; she works the stage really well.  She was flat in a couple of places, but the girl has some pretty powerful pipes.  I think, however, that she started off too low and wasn't able to really show off her range.

2.  Manny -- "Adventure of a Lifetime" : This wasn't a horrible performance, but it was kind of boring and forgettable.....and what he Hell was he wearing.

3.  Kory -- "Let it Go" : He's got a nice voice, but I think he focussed too much on the piano and not enough on the vocals.  It was a little disconnected.

*Side note --  I'm feeling a little disconnected myself.  Here we are 3 songs in and I have have never heard a single one of these.  Me!!!  Of all people; the girl who knows every song ever made....well, not quite, but you get what I'm saying.

4.  Amelia --  "Wake me Up" : I don't like this song slowed down.  I think her choreography was too rehearsed.  The pitch was too low, and she was nasally.  This was just another "meh" performance for me.

5.  Jenn -- "Sorry" : Sadly, the novelty of this girl has worn off for me.l  I didn't like a single thing about this performance.  She was out of tune the whole time and it was just weird.

*Side note #2 -- why is Harry is such a cranky mood tonight? He's being a total hard ass. And why is everyone making such bizarre song choices?  This night is just odd.

6.  CJ -- "I'll Be" : OK, so I liked the beginning of this song, but then the rest just kind of fell off for me.  The vibrato at the end was just too much, and it seemed like a karaoke bar rendition; there was no originality to it at all.  Also, why does someone have to choose this song EVERY. SINGLE. SEASON?!?  I'm over it.

7.  Lee - "Runaway" : I wasn't sure about this kid; and while I found it a little boring, I think he's definitely improved over Hollywood week.

8.  Trent -- "What Are You Listening To" : I really like this guy.  He's just so sweet and humble.  I think he had a great connection to the song, and the vocal was good.

9.  Tristan -- "Good Girl" : This is another contestant that I really like.  This performance wasn't fantastic, but I still really like her.  I think she will likely stick around.

10.  Adam -- "Black & Gold" : This was another good, not great performance.  I admit, I don't remember this guy from the auditions or Hollywood weeks.  But he's a good singer, even though his song choice sucked (much like everyone tonight).

11.  Dalton -- "Rebel Yell" : This was the performance I was waiting all night for, and I was not disappointed.  The things he does with songs is amazing, and I've loved every things he's done so far this season.  My #1 front runner since the first audition.

12.  Olivia -- "Confident" : She had great power right from the beginning.  It was not a super way to end the night, but it was a good performance.  She'll stick around, too.

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