Friday, February 12, 2016

Idol Chatter -- Idol Star Duets

Well, you can certainly tell that the Idol alum who have made it big, don't have the time to do things like this anymore.  Which is sad, because why would I want to see Lauren Alaina or Nick Fraddiano, when what I would really like to see is Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson??  Disappointing for sure.

So, let's get right to the action:

1.  Emily & Lauren -- "Flat on the Floor":  So Emily's performance was definitely better than the night before, but Lauren absolutely overshadowed her during the performance.  Emily still can't hit her lower register, but still better than the night before.

2.  Thomas & Nick -- "Man in the Mirror":  Again better than the night before.  I actually thought that Thomas sang this one better than Nick.  It wasn't mind blowing, but I enjoyed it.

3.  Stephany & Ruben -- "Superstar":  So, once again Stephany sang very pretty; but once again I found her performance quite boring.  Ruben was fantastic and while her performance was pretty, it completely lacked emotion.

4.  Sonika & Caleb -- "Skyfall":  I LOVE seriously, I want to be her when I grow up.  I thought Sonika did a good job, but I wish she would have taken the top sustained note over Caleb at the end.  She did well, but he was brilliant.

5.  Jenna & Scotty -- "See You Tonight":  Boring;  from top to bottom it was boring.  She sounded flat through the entire thing.  I literally hated everything about this performance.

6.  La'Portia & Fantasia -- "Summertime":  Oh Em Gee!!!  That was INSANE!  Both women completely killed it.  It was beautifully and masterfully done.  La'Portia could run away with this entire season.

7.  Mackenzie & Laurena -- "I Hope You Dance":  I like this a lot.  It was well done, and even though she took the top note, I really think she let him shine in this performance.

8.  Gianna & Nick -- "Beautiful Life":  She started strong, but then ran into some pitch problems.  This isn't a song I would have chosen for her, but overall she did well.  She's fun and quirky and I like her.  (I'm still not a fan of Nick at all).

9.  Avalon & Ruben -- "Flying Without Wings":  Another boring performance.  This song did not suit her at all.  It completely swallowed her up.  I like her, but the song choice was a big mistake.  Sadly, I didn't like Ruben on this one either.  Snoozefest.

10.  James VIII & Caleb -- "Gimme Shelter":  They seemed to have a lot of fun with this and it sounded pretty solid.  The guy can shred on a guitar!  I agree with Keith; this guy is a good performer.

11.  Jeneve & Scotty -- "Gone":  This was a horrible song choice for her.  She seemed like a Scotty back up singer who got hopped up on drugs and was trying to steal the spotlight.

12.  Jordan & Fantasia -- "I Believe":  Except for the bridge, he was pitchy through the entire song.  I don't like him as a performer; I find him way too theatrical.  Fantasia was brilliant!

My picks to go home: Emily, Stephany, Avalon, Jeneve, Jordan

Who actually went home: Emily, Stephany, Jordan, James VIII, Jenna

I'm a little upset that James didn't stick around a bit longer.  I would have actually probably kept him over Avalon or Jeneve.


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