Saturday, February 21, 2009

Idol Chatter (Better Late Than Never)

OK, so today I headed out to, Raymond for my nephews hockey game, and then to moms so the boys could hang at grandmas and play. She happened to still have this past weeks American Idol on her without further ado here is my thoughts on this past weeks performance from the first 12. I watched the shows back to back, and I didn't know beforehand which three had made it through. These were my reactions in real time as I watched with my predictions as to who I thought should make it. I will also post my thoughts on who actually did make it through. Make sense? I hope so LOL!!

OK, before I actually get to the 12 contestants and their performances, I have two little things to get off my chest. Starting with Ryan Seacrest and his Tuesay night wardrobe. Seriously, Seacrest is young, hip, apparently good with the ladies. So why is he taking dressing tips from Mr. Rogers? What's with the sweater/shirt combo? And Paula Abdul. It is getting truly sad when you are so "cracked out" that you have to have your make up put on with a trowel to try and hide your bags and sags. She looked horrible......OK, on to the singers.

Jackie sang "Little Less Conversation"; I love Jackie. I think she is a great singer, but I think she did a horrible rendition of this great Elvis song.....and what the Hell was she wearing? Seriously, was there a power outage in the wardrobe room that night?

Ricky.....I wasn't familiar with the song he sang, but I love the tone of his voice. It was fantastic, and I completely disagreed with Simon that he lacks "star quality". I thought he did a great job playing up to the camera.

Alexis sang "Never Loved a Man" -- I really liked the "soul" in her voice. She really impressed me tonight...a lot more than I remember her doing during her original auditions or in Hollywood week. She was fantastic.

Brent.....I love his dimples. (Just had to get that out there). He sang "Hick Town". I don't think it really did him any justice. I think if he wanted to do a country song, there were a lot better choices for him.

Steevie sang "You belong with me". I knew right from the first bar that she was in trouble. The song was way to low for her voice and she was flat through the chorus.

Anoop.....I love Anoop. I've never denied that. But, again.....wrong song choice. Although he sang it beautifully. I mean, lets face it, the kids voice could melt butter. But it wasn't a smart song choice to try and get him remembered by America.

Casey sang "Every Little Thing....." I thought it was a forgettable yawnfest. She doesn't have enough grit in her or her voice to pull that song off.

Michael sang "I Don't Wanna Be" and again it was the wrong song choice. He didn't have the power or breath control for that song. But I love him.

Ann Marie sang "Natural Woman". And because of that I would like to extend this public service announcement to future American Idol contestants. Please take this song out of circulation for this show. No Idol has or ever will sing this song as well as Kelly Clarkson did in the first season. I mean, it is 7 years later and I still compare every contestant singing this to the way Kelly did it. You can't win. Ann Marie made a really "vanilla" attempt at this song and I was bored.

Steven was boring as all get out. I can't even remember what song he was singing....and he's still on the stage. But I will admit that my feelings may be a bit tainted because I don't believe he deserves to be here anyway.

Tatiana sang "Saving all my Love" -- She was sharp through the entire song and I am REALLY getting tired of her theatrics. They are really starting to annoy me. And I was ready to fly out to Hollywood and kiss Simon full on the mouth when he called her out for being "desperate to be famous". Sometimes I love that caustic, British bastard.

And finally, Danny. He sang "Hero" by Mariah Carey. I have to give him props right off the bat for being a man and singing a Mariah song. I loved his voice, I loved the rendition, and I just really, really like him.

So all that being said before I move on to the results show, my prediction for the top three are: Alexis and Danny for sure.....and either Ricky or Brent for the third spot.


OK.....and here we are with my results show feedback.

Starting off......thank you to whomever pointed out to Seacrest that he had a wardrobe malfunction the night before and he is back to his hip, young Hollywood hunky self.

OK, so it turns out I was 2 for three with the results show. I was thrilled to see Alexis get put through. And although I really do like Michael, I was suprised to see him get a shot.

My poor Anoop. I was quite sad that he didnt' make it, but I am still holding out hope that he gets one of the three wildcard spots.

Then it came down to Tatiana and Danny. I seriously had the remote control poised to be hurled at the television if she made it over him. In the end, I am sure that mom was glad I didn't have to trash her TV screen because Danny rounded out the top three. So it's goodbye to Drama Queen. YAY!!!

OK, I know I was late, but I still want to know your thoughts and reactions people. Fill me in. See you next week.


Michelle said...

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this post! Your killing me! I was glad that Danny and Alexis made it. My husband and I were dieing when it was down to Danny and Drama Queen. I am soooooooooooo glad she is gone. We were surprised that Anoop didn't make it, but I really, really like Michael, so I was happy. I know he won't make it far, but he's one of my favourites. We are hoping Anoop gets a wild card. It is funny to see my husband, who made fun of me for watching AI last season, not only watching the show, but voting...yes, voting for his favourites!

BTW, laughed out loud at the Mayberry comment. Man, I miss that place!

SongbirdMama said...

Sorry bloody work schedule had me working nights the past two weeks and we haven't bought a DVR yet since moving up here. I will try to do better, I promise. And ha ha, Ryan. How dare you laugh at your wife....serves you right being sucked in to the AI vortex.

Mark and Emily said...

O.k, here I go:
1. Agree with you about Paula
2. Disagree with you about Ryan, I thought it was cool (the cardigan Mr. Rogers sweater is all the rage!)
3. I was a little confused at how they changed things this year, and I really think that they could've easily cut a lot more people so that WE the public do not have to be put through the boring crap that was almost the entire show!
4. I'm happy with the end result and I too was posed to smash the tv if Tatiana made it!
5. I really hope next week isn't filled with so many horrible and boring performances.

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