Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 7

So, the theme this week was songs of inspiration. This is a hugely broad theme, and could encompass many songs. I have to admit I was quite excited when I heard this. After looking over the song list that the idols had to choose from, I think this is the song I would have done:

And now on to the contestants:

*Casey -- "Don't Stop": Interesting song choice. I don't really think of it as overly inspiring, but whatever. I think he was way pitchy, right from the first note. It was the worst I've ever heard him sound. It was as if he was trying to sing the harmony of the song instead of the melody.

*Lee -- "The Boxer": He started out a bit pitchy too, but I actually like how he slowed the song down. It was a really nice change up of the arrangement. But I don't like how he chose to sing up on the down notes. It make it sound weird. I was kind of sad because this is probably my absolute favorite Simon & Garfunkle song, and he just really didn't do anything special with it. I was also shocked at how much the judges liked it.

*Tim -- "Better Days": I was completely bored with this performance. He didn't do anything special. There isn't even really a lot to say here. I like Tim, but I think he may be in trouble.

*Aaron -- "I Believe I Can Fly": I still really like him. Yes the arrangement was a bit all over the place, but he's got great vocal talent.

*Siobhan -- "When You Believe": Okay, I am really getting tired of this girl. She wasn't good, has too much vibrato, and is just getting downright irritating. I'd like to see her go home soon.

*Mike -- "Hero": So, again.....I like Mike, and I like his voice, but I really thought this was the wrong song choice for him. Another boring, forgettable performance, and he may be in trouble tonight too.

*Crystal -- "Praise the Lord": Alright, let's just end the competition now and give this girl the title. Week after week she blows me away and prooves that she is in a completely different class of artist than anyone in the game. She was inspired tonight....completely brilliant.

So there you have it......overall a disappointing night (aside from Crystal). I would like to see Siobhan go home, but I have feeling that Casey, Tim and Big Mike will be the bottom three with Casey or Tim going home.

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Mark and Emily said...

AMEN! I loved Crystal and Lee was next up, everyone else...boring, annoying or just plain awful. I really think Siobhan is annoying. The whole I'm unique and different thing doesn't make up for the fact that her voice is ugly!

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