Friday, April 23, 2010

The Two Types of Moms at the Playground

Type A Mom gets upset when kids pile rocks on the bottom of the slide because they'll scratch up the slide and get the clean children dirty.

Type B Mom doesn't care about rock piles because she understands that all kids love to play with rocks. They love to sift their fingers through pebbles, put them in their mouth to rinse them off, and shower passers-by with pea gravel. But most of all, they love to pile rocks up at the end of the slide and then plow through them.

Type A Mom climbs into the slides, tunnels, and cockpits/boathouses/rocket ships to play with her child, to supervise the other children so they don't mistreat or speak harshly to her child, and to extract her child when it's time to go home.

Type B Mom doesn't play with her children at the playground. She reads her book or talks on her cell phone. If one of her children comes crying because of something another kid said or did, Type B Mom threatens to pack it in and go home. When it really is time to go, Type B Mom sends in a sibling to get the others from the slides, tunnels, and cockpits/boathouses/rocketships. If no siblings are available, she'll grab someone else's child and send them in. If that doesn't work, Type B Mom uses the healthy lungs with which God blessed her to get her children's attention. Under no circumstance will she haul her big butt onto, certainly not into, playground equipment.

Type A Mom has one child. Type B Mom has lost count.


Mark and Emily said...

Seriously laughing out loud here!!! Love it!

Your Mama said...

hahahahahahahahaha.....I think I am "A" and "B" there another letter?????

The Samples Sampler said...

So, so, so true! This post is a new favourite!

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