Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 9.....again!

OK, so thankfully the judges exercised their save last week and didn't send Big Mike home.....and I was THRILLED to hear that this was Elvis week. Also, we had a huge winter storm and had no power for about 10 hours so I apologize that this post is so EXTREMELY late.

On to the contestants:

*Crystal -- "Saved": I seriously could listen to her all night long. It was another fabulous performance. She's is just the reincarnation of Janis Joplin. You know, without all the strung out, drug induced singing.

*Andrew -- "Hound Dog": Ummmm.....well, --- I really am not sure what to think of this one. I like what he was trying to do with it, but it didnt' come together well at all. I was kind of confused and I agree with Simon that it was a really lazy performance.

*Tim -- "Can't Help Falling in Love": I actually liked this. I think he did really well, changing up the melody just enough as to not disrespect Elvis. I know a lot of people will probably not like what he did here. But I enjoyed it.

*Lee -- "Little Less Conversation": Well, hubby and I completely disagreed on this one. He thought it was great. I on the other hand, totally disagree. I'm not saying that Lee sounded bad, because he didn't. The guy definately has some vocal chops. I just really didn't like the arrangement of this one, and I think it turned me off the performance completely.

*Aaron -- "Blue Suede Shoes": I think that actually was one of my favorites of him this season. His voice never ceases to impress me. I know it was a bit cheezy, but I think the judges were way too critical of him. I thought itwas great.

*Siobhan -- "Suspicious Minds": Hated it......hated every second of it. It started out weird, the song is completely wrong for her voice, and the screaming is getting really annoying. Definately the worst performance of the night.

*Mike -- "In the Ghetto": This is another one that is hard for me. I love Mike's voice, but I completely hated this arrangement. And the ending was a stupid place to end at. But I still lvoe him.

*Katie -- "Let it Roll": Another terrible song choice. It was completely the wrong song for her voice. I totally agree with Simon. It was a really annoying song, done by a really annoying singer.

*Casey -- "Lawdy Miss Clawdy": I am liking Casey more each week. I just wish he could control the vibrato in his voice a little better, and make better song choices. This song was another safe, lazy performance.

So I think Andrew is for sure going home, and I think the other is a toss up between Katie and Siobhan. What do you think?


Mark and Emily said...

Crystal: Loved it!
Andrew: Starting to hate his voice.
Tim: LOVED IT!! It was my favorite of the night. Plus it was a smart choice. He won over even more teen girls I'm sure!
Lee: OK, little screechy.
Aaron: Undecided. I thought it was different, he seemed a little cooler and not so geeky so he sold me on the performance part but the vocals were just ok.
Siobhan: Horrible. She looked and sounded so old, hated it.

Mike: Liked it, didn't love it, agree with you on this one.
Katie: No thanks, it was annoying.
Casey: I like him but he is so awkward when he performs. His smile is wierd and so is his posture.

I agree with you about who's going home.

Your Mama said...

Hey....where is the Elvis song on's my favorite part of your blog....hmmmmm

SongbirdMama said...

OOps.....sorry momma! I'll get one up ASAP!

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