Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 5

Lets get right to it, since I'm really late already.

*Lee -- "Still the One": He definately modernized it and rocked it up. Parts of it I liked, but for the most part he just sounded off-tune. The chorus was great, but the verses were just off for me.

*Mike -- "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing": I loved it. He needs to get away from ballads, but I thought it was fantastic, and I LOVED the falsetto at the end.

*Casey -- "Don't": Aside from his vibrato which is always distracting and annoying, it was an overall really good performance. One of my absolute favorites of his.

*Crystal -- "No One Needs to Know": Not a great song choice for her at all. She slowed it down and stripped it of anything authentic. I am a little worried for her. Worst performance to date.

*Aaron -- "You've Got a Way": I still love his voice, but this was really sleepy for me. The end note was great, but the rest of it was really boring.

*Siobhan -- "Any Man of Mine": Hated it! I don't think that this song suited her voice at all. She was too nasally and really irritating, and screaming in every song is just getting rediculous. I can't believe how much the judges raved about her.

Anyway, sadly I think the bottom three will be: Lee, Siobhan and Crystal.....and I really hope the Siobhan finally goes home.


Your Mama said...

again....where is your song choice?????? hmmmmm, and I ALREADY know who goes home....haha

Mark and Emily said...

I think Aaron will be in the bottom 3 not Lee. I haven't watched the results show yet...

I liked Lee, Mike was ok. He is losing my interest lately. I loved Casey for the first time! Except he kept his eyes closed almost the entire song, surprised Simon didn't say anything! Crystal and Aaaron were ok. Siobhan was awful I don't know why the judges loved it either!!

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