Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Types of Moms at McDonalds

Type A Mom helps her child take off his shoes and place them in the plastic cubby. She kneels down so she's eye level with her child and carefully explains the sock policy: under no condition is he to take off his socks.

Type B Mom enters Playland with a tray of food, sets it on a table, yells up the slide that it's time to eat, then exits the area to eat her meal in the main restaurant. She doesn't notice that her kids' flip flops are strewn about the middle of the floor.

Type A Mom's child is not allowed to play until he finishes his meal.

Type B Mom's kids throw their McNuggets at each other and take their drinks with them into the play equipment.

Type A Mom lets her child know he has 5 minutes left to play while she tidies up and returns the tray to the top of the trash can.

Type B Mom storms into Playland, yells up at her kids that it's time to go NOW, then sets off the high-pitched alarm when she ushers them all out through the emergency exit.

The McDonald's teenaged employee who's assigned to clean up Playland prefers Type A Mom.

If you've found this analysis informative, you may want to read further about Two Types of Moms at the Playground. Always with the parenting advice . . . I'm helpful that way.

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Your Mama said...

again.....hahahahahhahaha....I am now leaning more towards the Anal Type A.....oh oh....:)

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