Saturday, May 22, 2010

10 Things I Hate About You

You know who you take away the few precious seconds I have to run into the market, you made me lose my prime parking spot and you made me miss the light.

10. You are so busy texting you don't notice the light has changed until 2 seconds before it turns yellow

9. You are trying to reach over into the passenger seat to do Lord knows what and swerve into my lane

8. No matter how much mascara and lipstick you put on, a pig is still a pig, so just drive the car

7. You block the parking lot waiting for some chick to load 80 bags of groceries into her car because you're to lazy to walk

6.You don't seem to understand that the lines are to park in between, not on or over.

5.You park so friggin close to me I need liposuction to get into my car

4. You pull up next to your buddy and chat. Blocking the road, carpool or the parking lot

3. Your so busy handing out snacks, yelling at your kids or trying to keep your youngest awake so he'll actually sleep at home that you drive like a fool (Oh wait that's me, scratch that one)

2. You take up 8 spots because your car was made in Germany

1. STOP backing into to spots! It takes longer to back into a spot then it would take you to back out. You make me growly all you backerinners.

Please take this time to adjust your driving to accommodate me, OK!
Thanks Love Ya!


The Samples Sampler said...

Oh man! Your posts are golden! I love them. Here in Central texas, there seems to be this unwritten rule that when the light turns green the person in the first car MUST count to 15 before moving! It drives me crazy! I've honked so many times because of that. People here just seem to accept it and wait but not me. Living out East for 5 years took the polite Canadian out of me. When that light turns green, I want you to move!

Mark and Emily said...

Haha!! I can't tell you how many times I've thought the exact same things, especially the guy who always has to back in, in a parking garage too, come on!

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