Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Top 5

OK, I was beyond thrilled to find out that it was Sinatra night. If you know me, you know I absolutely love the old Rat Pack music. And Harry Connick Jr. being the nights mentor? Well, that was just the hot and sexy icing on the cake. He was by far one of the most enteraining additions to the show thus far.

Anyway, ahem, onto my song choice for the nights. I love this song so much, so naturally, I think I would have sang it.

And, now the actual contestants:

*Aaron -- "Fly me to the Moon": it just me, or does he look like he is auditioning for "Newsies"? Horrible outfit and hairstyle on him. I found it kind of sleepy and boring. It just didn't have the Sinatra "swagger". Ha ha ha!!! And as soon as I mention it, Simon mentions something about swagger. Damn! I'm good. Maybe I should take over his judging seat next season. Anyway, didn't really like this rendition of the song at all.

*Casey -- "Blue Skies": sigh......I know that Kara was probably a little too harsh on him, but I am so happy that someone else has finally mentioned his insane vibrato. I can't stand it. I hated this performance; it had absolutely no pizzazz to it at all. I actually fast forwarded through about half of it. He is just too uncomfortable up there without his guitar, and it shows.

*Crystal -- "Summer Wind": Well, for the second week in a row, I am a little nervous for her security in the competition. I think she looked totally hawt, but it was kind of a lackluster performance from her. A whole lot better than the first two performers, but definately not her personal best.

*Big Mike -- "The way you look Tonight": OK, so let me start by saying how much I love Mike and I adore his voice. That being said, I think this balladeer week after week, is starting to catch up with him. He's becoming boring and predictable, and while his vocals were great with this song, I thought the performance was really safe, and quite boring.

*Lee -- "That's Life": OK, people. This is what I'm talking about. That performance oozed the swagger. I loved it, thought he was fantastic. I don't agree with Kara at all about his lack of confidence. I thought that was one of his best performances to date.

I have a feeling, Aaron, Casey and Crystal will be the bottom three with Casey going home.

So, there you have it, peeps. What did you all think? Who's safe? Who's in trouble? Who's going home? And, who is going to drool over Harry singing at the results show? C'mon, I know I'm not the only one with my hand up.

**Also, today is Rand's 10th birtday, so look for another post from me a little later tonight.


Your Mama said...

LOVED your of the night :) ... should be Casey going home or the young one ... hope Crystal makes it and gets back to what makes her GREAT! and yup...the best thing of the night WAS Harry Connick Jr. He was amazing and tonight should be a gooder....see ya later for cake...teehee

Mark and Emily said...

If I can see clearly to write after reading your previous post....I thought Aaron looked good but I hated his performance. Casey was the same awkward he is every week just even more so without his guitar and I love kara for saying that! Poor Crystal, she did look really beautiful in that dress but too boring. Mike was good but your right, too predictable. And hello Lee...he was incredible!! I do think that Harry Connick Jr. loosened him up and he did seem more relaxed. Love him and Harry! That was a cool AI last night.

I think Aaron or Casey is going home.

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