Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Idol Chatter: The Final Four

OK, let me just start by can you not love Jamie Foxx. The guy is so immensly talented. And not bad eye candy either, am I right?

Now, if I had been singing on last night's show, I think this would have been my choice for performance piece. It's a really slow song, but I think if I could have played with arrangement a bit, it would have been amazing:

Now, on to the contestants:

*Lee -- "Kiss From a Rose": Well, he blew it on the first high note. His breath control was terrible during the chorus, and he sang the whole thing a little too fast. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever heard, but it definately wasn't his personal best.

*Mike -- "Will You Be There": Snoozefest.....He adlibbed almost the entire thing. There was no "meat" to the performance. I think he played it way too safe. It was a terrible, boring song choice. And I completely disagree with Simon. I don't think he gave it 100% at all.

*Lee & Crystal duet -- "Falling Slowly": I adore this song. I'm not sure I completely loved this duet. But I did enjoy it. This pair should be the top 2 of the show.

*Casey -- "Mrs. Robinson": I think that I really liked this. I love this song, and it was kind of a funky, acoustic arrangement. He may have saved himself with this performance. I agree with Simon about lack of huge substance, but I still liked it better than Big Mike's performance.

*Crystal -- "I'm Alright": There's your winner. Competely stellar performance. I would buy her album right now. That was head and shoulders above any of the men. Loved it, loved everything about it.

*Mike & Casey duet -- "Have you ever really loved a Woman": Snoozefest again. Boring, pitchy, too much vibrato by Casey. And when they tried to harmonize together on the high note, it was WWWWAAAAYYYYY off. Horrible.

Anyway, so Mike and Casey are going to be your bottom two, and really at this point either one of them could go home and I wouldn't be say. But based solely on this performance, Mike deserves to get the boot.

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Your Mama said...

Mostly totally agree....but I LOVED the duet by Chrystal and Lee...but yup....Big Mike should go bye bye....Now I have to go listen to your song....YAY!

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