Monday, September 29, 2008

They Say It's My Birthday

It's was birthday yesterday! In honor of my birthday, I thought I'd forgo my usually cynical and mildy amusing rantings, in lieu of a list. I am forever making lists at home for everything. If showering isn't on my list, it's not likely to get done. So, in honor of all you birthday mommas 'round the world;

5 Things That Should Be Prohibited By Law on Your Birthday

1. Doing The Laundry
Need I even say that doing the laundry on your birthday is a highly punishable offense. Let it pile!

2. Doing The Dishes
Let someone else do them. Better yet, go out to eat!

3. Working
Seriously, I think it should be written into every workplace manual that one's birthday is deemed and automatic day off -- with pay.

4. Taking Out The Trash
There is just something undeniably un-birthday like about schlepping a big bag (or 10) of garbage to the curb. Unless the trash man's visit is imminent, I'd wait it out.

5. Cleaning Up Toys
You really shouldn't be doing this on any day, but especially not today. While it'll be nice to see clutter free floors for a few moments, unless you're sweeping them up and taking them out within 5 minutes, you'll only end up repeating the process 10 more times. If you have to clean up after them, just wait until after they are in bed.

So, of course I thoroughly intended to enjoy my birthday.....but the best laid plans don't always play out. For starters, my husband was out of town....working in Houston, and the kids decided to be complete Hellions. So really, it was just another day. I suppose that being 32, I shouldn't expect my birthday to be a big deal anymore. But you know, secretly I do. So having absolultely nothing special done on MY big day was kind of a downer.

By the way, it hadn't even got to 10 am yesterday, that I completely broke all 5 of those rules.


Karen said...

I didn't know it was your birthday!!! (I've been away from the computer for a few days...) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I agree with you, I secretly think my birthday is a big deal. I love birthdays. That list is great...if only it WAS law!!

chantal said...

Happy Birthday Erin! I agree. It should be law that all moms should just stay in bed and eat and watch tv on their birthday. No work whatsoever or anything like unto it.

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