Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cliche? You don't say!

I have always been befuddled by explaining things that don't involve words. Specifically to my kids. I can show my kids how to love, but I can't really tell them how to do this. As each person displays and receives love in a myriad of ways. I can tell them not to run into the street, but I can't explain how to be gentle to all people.There are some things that can only be shown.

But in the meantime, it seems as if this mom is losing her patience.I am going on a limb here-but when William Shakespeare said 'to thine own self be true' he wasn't speaking about being a parent.How do you 'stay true to yourself' at the same time leading by example? May not be possible, I say.

I came to this troubling conclusion a few weeks ago, as Randall is getting to where he pushes the envelope. I don't like the term 'sassy' as I view that in a different light than what he is up to. No, no, I am not watering down my issue with him. That is SO not my bag. I mean, I know kids always push envelopes-and then you go through phases when they are placid an easy going. It is the eternal roller coaster ride.Upon close evaluation, I notice Rand isn't (always) trying to get mouthy with me. Alot of time he is trying out his hand at sarcasm. A personality trait he learned by watching his parents. (tee hee)

But this is a fine line and one to be walked in shnazy shoes. With a sharp point matching that sharp tongue. I am all about my children learning how to be quick witted and enjoy dark humor. I am also a big fan of respect. We definately don't tolerate back talk. Not for a millisecond. And we have a laundry list of words and phrases that are unacceptable in our home. 'Shut Up', 'Stupid', 'Hate', 'Dumb' just to name a few.

Then how do you explain in simplified terms what respect is? You can't just outline it with a sentence(which is all the focal time I get in one sitting with my kids). I get that you have to display it and 'lead by example'.....but thats the other cliche.How, pray tell, do you get the point across that sarcasm coming from a youth's mouth can sound tiredly disrespectful without discouraging their want to come off humorous like their parents?

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