Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

(Me and my cousin, Julie......I'm the one in the blue)
Thirteen Things I Remember Doing As A Child In The Summer

(I don't think alot of kids even do this anymore.)

1. Leave the house after breakfast, on our bikes and be gone for the whole day. The rule being that you had to be home at 5:00 for supper. We would bike forever.

2. Water balloons, dodge ball, Red Rover with all the neighborhood kids.

3. Take the portable tape player outside in the yard and listen to music

4. Walked barefoot all over the place, and the ashphalt used to sink in when we stepped on it.

5. Sleep overs in the neighbors or cousins tents.

6. Ride our bikes all the way to the pool, or walk depending our mood.

7. The corner stores and the Merc used to take our empty bottles back, our parents gave us two glass litre size bottles to take back, and we'd buy candy with it.

8. We took all the patio furniture out into the grass, and make huge forts with sheets and clothespins.

9. We would actually spend a whole day at a playground, making up scenes. Every kid in the playground was involved.

10. Bridge jumping.....nuff said.

11. Sit around on blankets in our bathing suits, reading Archie comics.

12. Skipped rope; I remember how we could get a ton of girls together, and skip all day long. Believe it or not I could even double dutch, cant remember how now.

13. Ride our bikes to Fast Eddie's for ice cream.

Boy after going down this memory lane, I wish I were a kid again. We had way more fun than kids today. Now a days, they're inside, cuz its too hot. Playing video games and watching tv.


Karen said...

FAST EDDIE'S!!! THE MERC!!!! Holy crap you just took me back in time, girl! I used to do all those things too... those were the days. Didn't come in until supper, and then after we ate, straight back out again until dark!! be young and carefree again!

chantal said...

Nowadays you cant send kids out in the morning and not worry about them all day!! Things were so much simpler back then. Back then(???)....sheesh we're old.

Maren said...

And that's how it should be. Sigh.

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