Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Okay, here are some ways that you know you have too much time on your hands:

1. You try to blog everyday, and have more than one blog....hmmmmmm. (

2. You are able to watch at least one two hour movie a day

3. You are undressed by 12 pm at least four out of 7 days (okay, let's get this straight, I am self employed. I can actually work in my pjs if I want to; stop judging me!!!)

4. You find parachuting, which you have never had an interest in, is an appropriate way to celebrate a birthday.

5, You are one of the people on Jack Ass.

6. You can spend hours comtemplating whether you should get up and exercise now. Only to come to the conclusion, nope, I will just stay right here where I am.

7. You are more than five days in the future on your blogging. (Haha, you can't tell when I posted this).

8. Time and dates are no longer a certainty, because really "what does it matter".
You are enjoying life. (here is a big clue that you have too much time, as opposed to the boredom ones above)

9. You are way too interested in what your neighbors are doing next door (and they are not that interesting).

10. You shop for something on QVC almost every day, and almost as often get packages from QVC (you may not know it, but you probably have too much money too....please send it to through paypal)

11. You have time to make Thursday Thirteen lists (hmmmm).

12. You still have time to read a book in a sitting position (sneaking a page or two while on the loo doesn't count

13. You know the names, histories and complete back story of every soap opera character.

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