Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't you just hate that?

I Hate It When medicine doesn't do it's job.

11:30 Freakin' Nyquil. Why am I awake?! I take this for your tagline 'sleep-whatever-whatever-whatever medicine'.

12:30 I am coughing. Am not asleep.

12:45 Still coughing, thinking I am dying, why can't I breathe, Oh my gosh, I am DYING!

1:25 Still?!? This is crap. I have had 2 mugs of Chamomile tea, 2 TBSP of Honey and a spray of lemon down the trap. Still thinking I am dying, and now I have some random strain of megaloblastic anemia thanks to a late episode of Diagnosis:Unkown.

2:25 Drifted off. Awoken by intense urge to pee. Damn tea. Cough is back.

3:25 Drifted off. Awoken by cough. Hate my life. Love my life IF I can sleep this off tomorrow while kids are at school.

4:25 Sing praises, literally, when I discover a bag of cough drop at the back of the drawer with 4 boxes of open tampax. Really. I must forget these are here. Remembered to condense and clear out drawers in bathroom.

4:30 Tell hubby to 'shuddthahellup' when asked why I am awake and singing in the bathroom. Consider it all shot to hell, coughing fits ensue. Go downstairs start Hot Toddy's and laundry. (OK, not really Hot Toddy's but a girl can dream, right?)

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Anonymous said...

i am so with you wind cough wind cough at 3 in the morn dreaming of warm island thanks for being fellow sufferer liz

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