Friday, January 2, 2009

Moving Sucks

OK, I know that everyone knows that moving sucks. But try moving 2000 miles the week of Christmas from nice, balmy 70 degree F Texas, to cold, snowy, wet, frosty.....did I mention COLD, Southern Alberta. Not such a fun thing.

The trip was long, which is insantity in a 26 foot Uhaul with 5 people in the cab. Especially when you hit Wyoming and Montana where the weather took a turn for the worse. It was cramped, the roads were horrible......thank goodness my husband knows how to handle himself behind the wheel. We had a couple of close calls with going off the road; one where I was sure the Uhaul was going to end up on its side in the ditch. But we made it safely to Casper, where my dad picked up the kids to take them through the border. Being that it was 7pm on Christmas Eve, the border was quiet, and we sailed through without hassle. Arrived at moms just before 9 to a declicious and long awaited turkey dinner.

Christmas morning was modest by my kids standards, but they were so excited about it and about being at grandma's house, that they hardly noticed. We had a great day and are now trying to get settled in out new, albiet temporary, house before school starts.

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Mark and Emily said...

I'm so glad you guys made it o.k, we were praying for ya!! Enjoy the life up there, I'm sure your countdown to the end of winter has already started!

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