Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Idol Chatter (Auditions in Jacksonville)

Sigh......what a yawnfest Florida turned out to be. Let's start at the beginning shall we?

Joshua, the first contestant, claims to be compaired to Justin Guarini from season one. He sang a little Marvin Gaye, and while he didn't have a bad voice, his audition had a bit too much "free-stylin" for my liking. Singers like that always make me nervous. It makes me think that they have no real confidence in their vocal abilities so they have to hide their flaws with unnecessary runs and vibrato. I really don't see this guy rockin' Hell week....but he gets a golden ticket anyway.

Then the next contestant, Sharon, brought her puppy to the audition with her. Can't say I remember seeing that in previous seasons. She was another wannabe pop tart who put too much vibrato in her singing too. I thought her vocals were flat.

Dayna, the girl that sang Chaka Khan should just never EVER sing again.....nuf' said.

Kaneshwa sang "Caught up in the Rapture", which I most definately wasn't. She was really nasally and flat also.

Jelisa, the beauty queen. I had to give her props in the beginning. I thought she was ballsy to try pulling off Whitney. And, like Simon, it turned out for me better than I thought it would. But he should have stuck to his first instinct and told her "no". And what was with Paula's little hissy fit and walking off stage? I mean really......she got all pissy because after three yes votes no one wanted to hear what she had to say. Give me a break. How many times has that little valium riddled train wreck cut someone else off before they could say something? (insert heavy eye rolling here)

Darin, the hyper happy black guy -- for a guy who got so darn emotional, he sure gave a pretty stoic, emotionless performance.

Niomi I thought was the worst of the night. Her audition did seem like a joke. I mean, even her friend sitting on Randy's lap had this "what the heck is this crap" look on her face.

Day two seemed to start out on a bit of a happier note....or so I thought

Jasmine sang some Fergi and overall, I thought she was a cute little girl who pulled out not a bad audition.....but still, I found her a bit nasally. (I'm starting to notice a trend in Jacksonville)

Then there was George, the Amish Physicist......what can I say but......uh.......wow. That was the most bizarre rendition of Walking on Sunshine I have ever heard. I actually had to sing the song for Andrew so he knew what song the guy was trying to accomplish.

TK, the dude from last year who didn't make it through....I thought he overcompensated with his rendition of Imagine. It was WWWWAAAAAYYYYY too much for that song. That song in all honesty is so simple and soulful and he just kind of bastardized it. Don't get me wrong, the kid can sing....but I think he just needs to pull back the reigns a bit. Unless he is auditioning for Broadway.

Ah, Michael. Remember him, the crying, panick attacked laden, guitar player. The poor kid just didn't stand a chance the second he got in the room. And I almost started to feel sorry for him. But then the little punk decided to dis his mother on national television. That was harsh, and you could tell has happened before. Mom pulled back and spun around real fast so the cameras couldn't catch the hurt and heartbreak in her eyes. But I felt it. Now I just want to kick the kid in the ass.

And finally, Anne Marie. She sang Bubbly, which is a song I HATE beyond measure. But she wasn't horrible at it. So I'll let her slide.

And that's really about all I have to say. I have my fingers crossed that the talent in SLC tomorrow night is a little more substantial. Because for being the Sunshine State, Florida's auditions left me cold.

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Mark and Emily said...

Jelisa and Anne marie were my favs, valium riddled train wreck - love it!!! I'm also excited for slc, hopefully my high hopes don't let me down!

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