Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Words & Phrases I would love to banish from my boys' vocabulary…

1. Stupid — used to describe anyone or anything that he doesn’t like or understand

2. Oh my gosh — as in, “Oh my gosh, you are so unreasonable!”

3. Of course! — used whenever they are disgusted with something we say, to convey that theyalready knew what we were going to say

4. Like — It’s, like, everyone’s favorite sentence filler!

5. My bad — just a highly irritating phrase that I would like to see banished from the entire human population, not just my kids

6. Andummm — a word that is used in place of a period. Thus, the sentence never ends and cannot be interrupted.

7. Heavy exhale — okay, not a word per se, but still an audible expression of disgust or disappointment, used most frequently when told to do something that they were supposed to do, but didn’t.

8. Some kid — this the person who is always a part conversations my kids relay to me....but never actually is named ( not always the same kid in each conversation)

9. What?! Why?! -Usually when I’ve answered his request with a “no,” as if it were the most outlandish thing he’s ever heard.

10. Whatever — the typical response any time I correct his pronunciation, grammar, or assumption of knowledge on a particular subject. I’ve been telling him for years to say, “I brought,” instead of “I brung,” and he still responds this way. Aggravating.

11. Basically — overused when describing something.

12. You know — no, I don’t. That’s why I’m waiting for you to tell me.

13. Chillax! — a combination of “Chill out!” and “Relax!” It has quite the opposite effect on me, as made up words tend to do.


Michelle said...

I HATE the pharse "My bad"!! I cringe everytime I hear it! Especially when I hear grow people use it! Ban it forever!

Mark and Emily said...

That was a hilarious post, and so true!! You must get so sick of hearing those all day long, and next time I'll try to exempt all those phrases in our conversations!!

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