Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Idol Chatter (Auditions in San Fransisco)

So of all the thousands of people that auditioned for AI in San Fran only 12 people got the ticket to Hollywood. That is just insanity to me. You can't tell me only 12 people in that massive crowd were deserving.

But then again, the night really didn't start off well, did it? I mean, seriously! That chick with that annoying Fran Drescher laughter was not the first thing I wanted to see when I tuned in. Seriously, GAG me. Her attitude was rediculous and she sang flat. She never should have made it through, and I completely agree with Simon that she "didn't get through on her vocals".

Then there was Jesus. He seems like a nice enough guy....but again not a strong enough voice to really carry him to far. Bringing his children in was dirty pool, but I guess it got him through -- for now.

Akeelah -- wow! What was up with that chick. It's a music audition, not a pretest for the med school MCATs. Anyway, she was horrible.....way to much vibrato and too many runs.

Then there was Annie.....you know, the blonde chick who sang "Summertime". She was awful. Maybe she would have sounded better had she loosened the saran wrap around her neck. Who knows.

My favorite of the night was Adam; the guy who sang "Bohemian Rhapsody". He was fantastic.

And Kai....(the guy with the mom), he was pretty good too. He seems like a really nice guy with a pretty decent voice.

OK....anyone else have thoughts? We'll see you again tomorrow after the auditions in Kentucky!


Michelle said...

Jesus...the guy with the kids, I thought it was funny that the judges told him to bring his kids in.I think he has potential, but he won't win that's for sure. I wasn't too impressed with Adam. He sound like he should stay on the broadway shows. But I LOVED Kai! He is my favourite of the night. LOL about your Annie comment, I thought the same thing. And if that chick with the annoying laugh makes it to the top 12 (Like her psychic said she would? BTW...seriously?!?) I think I will stop watching.

Mark and Emily said...

Kai was definitely my favorite of the night, I'm glad you're posting your AI thoughts!

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