Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

See that picture of me and my momma? It's a couple of years old....taken a few Christmases ago, but it is one of my favorites of the two of us.

For those of you fortunate enough to know or have met my mom, you will know what an amazingly awesome woman she is.....and why I smile everytime someone tells me I remind them of her (more in attitude than looks, I'm sure). And for those of you that don't know her; well trust me, you're missing out.

You may also remember that I have written about the awesomeness that is my mother on other occassions.....namely here. But I truely do think she's the most wonderful I am going to write about her again (being as it's Mother's Day and all).

My mother is beautiful inside and out and there is a lot I admire about her. She has acquired the strength that my grandmother possessed and I believe that has allowed her to make it to where she is today. And my grandmother left pretty big shoes to fill. But mom has embodied every great quality that I admired in her mother, and for that I am happy.

She is an amazing athelete and coach, a leader in her community, church and family. She has a fun sense of style in her home and takes after her dad in the pride she has in her yard. She works tirelessly and selflessly in everything she is called or asked to do. I have learned to be giving and compassionate because of her, and I attribute my work ethic to her example.

I love how she is a great listener -- that is such a good quality to have because most times we all just want to be heard and understood when we have struggles or good news to share. Her love for her family is overwhelming, and her strenght is an inspiration.

She is an amazingly patient, tolerant and loving grandmother to 5 extremely rowdy and rambunctions boys. Her love for them and pride in them is undeniable. And just like her mother before her, she has this uncanny knack for making each one of them feel like her favorite.
I consider myself lucky and very blessed to be born to such an amazingly wonderful mother.

(Mom and me as a baby)

(My high school grad)

(Lucky grandma and her brood of boys)

(Holding her first grandchild -- and my dad too ha ha ha)

(With Ryker at Six Flags)


your mama said...

sob, weep, luv you!

Mark and Emily said...

All true. She is a gem and I love her!!!

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