Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Blog Posts of 2009

Ross reminded me last night that not only is the year rapidly winding down, but the entire decade is. It seemed like such a big deal in 1989 and 1999, but this year, I nearly overlooked the fact. So strange to think about people reliving the ’10s and the ’20s isn’t it? Crazy, man.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my bests posts this year. There have been some duds, but here are my personal favorites, month by month…

January: I Love Eating Crow (Proof that I don't always have to be a perfect mom)

February: Shopping Gripe #4,563 (Yeah, I bitch too much about customer service LOL)

March: Litters of Babies (Who doesn't like to rag on Octomom every now and then)

April: Here Lies Erin's Fat Roll.....RIP (This one got a whole lot of response -- even via email messages)

May: Momologue (How much bragging is too much?)

June: The "I Just Don't Get It" List (Apparently what I don't know COULD fill a book....or a blog post or two)

July: 10 Things Every New or Expecting Mom Should Know (A post that may make you reconsider having children altogether)

August: Brothers (They have their moments.....and those moments take my breath away)

September: I Was Gonna Write a Kick Ass Post About Zombie Dogs, But Demi Moore Sucked It Out Of My Brain (Sometimes even my dreams are crazy)

October: Momma's Do's and Don'ts for the Playground (You never know when advice like this could come in handy LOL)

November: What Dreams May Come (A completely honest, soul baring post )

December: Beware of the Mom Zone (Because it’s great to feel better about your own parenting skills)

{Let me know if you’re doing a year in review post, too- I’d love to check it out!}

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Your Mama said...

"Here Lies Erin's Fat Roll" bar none the BEST of the best....I just read it again and again am laughing out loud!

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