Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Avoid Getting Swine Flu.....

And regarding the American Idol results show. I was not suprised by the bottom three, but I'm glad it was Matt that went home.....I don't think the judges should have wasted their save on him to begin with.
I pretty well channel surfed, because I didn't care for any of the musical numbers but my award for most hideous outfit would have to got to Natalie Cole.....ugly gold thing she was draped in. But Randy was a close second with his bright pink shirt. Sheesh!!!!!

1 comment:

Mark and Emily said...

My dreams almost came true last night and that's all you have to say?!! It was such a pleasant sight to see Adam almost go home...but deep down I knew that it would be Matt, stupid America - it's like they don't have ears!

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