Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Idol Chatter -- Atlanta Auditions

I have high hopes for the Atlanta part because there were a billion people there. The odds are that a couple hundred of them have to be good, right?!?

* much for my high hopes. The very first guy -- WTF was that? That dude was bizarre. Simon was completely ignorant from the start with this guy. He probably didn't deserve it, but still.....completely rediculous.

*The chick that sang the Titanic song was...well....meh. I didn't think she was fabulous. She won't last through Hollywood week.

*Jermaine, the guy who sang "What if God was One of Us"....I thought that he was great -- it was a really neat rendition of the song.

*The chick that sang "Love is a Battlefield" was B-A-D. It was awful. Seriously. That didn't work for me at all.

*The country girl from the country -- she reminds me a lot of Kelly Pickler. She doesnt' have the best of voices, but she was just a sweetheart.

*The guy who sang Garth Brooks was just awful. Poor guy -- he seemed so sweet and simple. But man, he sure couldn't sing.

*Guitar Girl -- she doesn't have much of a voice. I didn't think it was good at all. Boo to the judges. Mary J. Blige was the only person with the balls enough to tell the truth.

*Mallory -- didn't have the gravel in her voice like Joplin, but I really liked her vocals.

*"Skii Bo Ski" he's a bit odd and I was not sure about him, but his vocals were great. I think Simon was completely wrong about him and was reacting to the guys "character" instead of his vocals.

*The BFFs -- brunette sucked but the blong was pretty awesome. And the brunette seemed pretty bitter at the end, didn't she? She hardly made eye contact with the other girl, her body language was turned away, and the hugs seemed forced.

*The cop -- WOW! He was AWESOME!

*Dude who sang the Seal song -- Um......NO! What a psycho!! And boy did his opinion of Mary J sure changed after she told him no.

*The old general who sang about pants on the ground was AWESOME!!!!! I have not laughed out loud that much in a long, long time.

So, after the first week of auditions, I have to admit that I don't see a stand out front running favorite yet. There are a few that show promise though. I think this is shaping up to be a remarkable season.


Mark and Emily said...

Ok, ok, just finished watching it on DVR and I had to rewind it and have make Mark come in here and watch the country girl, she was so funny but sweet at the same time! The second time listening though I realized she wasn't that great and probably won't make it far.

I disagree about the Miss America girl. I didn't love her song choice but I loved her. I thought skibowski voice was not good. I also thought the blonde one from the bff duo wasn't that great either although I'll agree with you it was super akward after between them!

Anonymous said...

love your comments love u auntie l

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