Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sundays with the Stars

Ben Affleck may be off the wagon. He reportedly knocked a few drinks back with Tommy Lee Jones at an after party for their new movie, The Company Men. I hope this isn't true, Ben. We don't need another Mel Gibson.

Diddy's son turned 16 last week. For his birthday, Diddy bought him a $360,000 car. No offense, Diddy, but this makes you look like an asshole.

After visiting Tiger Woods in sex rehab, Elin Woods is considering calling off her divorce. What kind of magical sex rehab is this? You cheat on your wife repeatedly, don't use protection and get caught. Somehow, your wife still wants you back. Oh, right... you're stinking rich.

Are Brad and Angie breaking up? Their rep says no. Multiple news outlets say yes.

According to Us Weekly, Jessica Simpson farted in a room full of executives recently. If there's one thing Jessica's good for, it's a laugh.

James Cameron has officially topped James Cameron. Avatar has beat out Titanic as the highest grossing film of all time. Have you seen it? It's a fantastic movie.

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