Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Idol Chatter -- Chicago Auditions

OK, well tonight started with some mixed feelings about the guest judge. While I don't doubt Shania Twain or her ability as an artist, I wasn't sure I was going to like her as a guest judge. I've always found her to be rather snooty. But in all honesty, I didn't really get much of anything from her tonight. In reality, she may as well have not even been there.
And also, didn't we already have a contestant confuse shows last year, claiming that they were "definately going to be America's Next Top Model -- OOPS -- I mean, American Idol".
OK, lets get down to business:
*First chick (with the divorcing parents) was pretty good. I liked her.
*Big girl with the boobs.....that chick was a freak. She probably actually had some talent, but she was a little goofy.
*Charity (sang "Summertime") had a very unique voice and I liked it A LOT. I think she'll be a funky addition to the show. Kind of like that chick who sang Janis Joplin all the time a couple of seasons ago.....but this girl at least seems like she has a personality.
*Angel Martens --the girl can sing...but she seems to be cursed when it comes to Hollywood week. Hopefully this will be her year.
*Curly -- I think he was singing some notes that only dogs could hear (and, ha ha, Simon just stole my joke)
*The girl who sang "I will always love you" (the one who was getting pitch advice from the judges) ... that was just wrong. Why would her family encourage her to humiliate herself like that?!?
*Weirdo in the army who sang Tiny Tim -- what a freakin' whackjob. "Tiptoe through the Tulips".....and straight into a mental institution, buddy.
*Harold --Dude.....the fact that you can't sing has nothing to do with allergies buddy.
*John Park (the Asian guy whom Shania flirted with), wasn't too bad, but I found him to be a bit nasally.
OK, this is where I take a break in the show to ask the following question: Are Kara's eyes freaking anyone else out? She looks like a cross between a cat and a bug eyed alien. I don't know what it is, but her eyes were giving me the heebie jeebies tonight.
*Asthma girl -- I think Simon was a little rough on her. I didn't think she was bad at all, and she was certainly deserving of Hollywood week.
Anyway, that's about all that stood out for me tonight. It's kind of shocking that a city packed with talent like Chigago could only put out 13 people to Hollywood week. So, what were your thoughts? Still no stand out favorites for me just yet, but I am looking forward to hearing Charity in some other genre's of music, just to see if that funky voice still sounds good.


Mark and Emily said...

I missed some of the show because the nurse was coming in and out and I was hooked up to the baby's heartbeat monitor so I'll comment on what I did see and kinda hear. I liked Charity, I didn't love Angela because I think she's not unique enough. I loved asthma girl too and thought she was great.

They didn't do a piece on this guy but one of the tickets went to a white dude that had a guitar and they just showed him singing for 5 seconds and I really, really liked him. His voice sounded smooth and different.

Shania wasn't too annoying, once again I'm just so happy that Paula's not on there that I almost don't care who else they add!!

Your Mama said...

Liked Charity and the rest were ok....not the entertaining of a show! Little disappointing, and like Emily I did like the guy with the quitar....there's gotta be a whole lot better out there somewhere! You are still my Idol Erin :)

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