Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday with the Stars

If you know me, you know I love celebrities. I love the gossip. I love the clothes. I love the drama. I love the Hollywood lifestyle. Do I believe everything I read? No. Do I still read it anyway? Yes.

I've decided to compile a weekly recap of what's happening in Tinseltown. With pictures! I'll put one together every Sunday. I know this week I'm starting a day late, but deal with it, mkay! I'm a very busy woman.

This weeks going to be titled "Mugshots": Because its funny to see celebs at their worst.

Old School

*Jane Fonda - arrested for assault & battery after kicking a cop (1970) *Tim Allen - served 2.5 years for dealing cocaine (1979) *Al Pacino - arrested for carrying a concealed weapon (1961)

How Did I Not Know About This

*Donnie Wahlberg - arrested on suspicion of arson (1991)

No, Not Him

*Mel Gibson - arrested for DUI, but more well known for his anti-Semitic rant *Robert Downey Jr. - arrested for cocaine and methamphetamine possession

The Creepy

*Paul Reubens aka Pee-Wee Herman - arrested for indecent exposure in an adult movie theatre *Andy Dick - arrested for possession of marijuana and sexual battery


The Blondes

*Paris Hilton - arrested for DUI and subsequent parole violations *Lindsay Lohan - arrested for DUI and cocaine possession *Mischa Barton - arrested for DUI *Heather Locklear - arrested for DUI

The Brunettes

*Nicole Richie - arrested for DUI after driving on the wrong side of the road *Michelle Rodriguez - arrested for multiple DUIs and a hit-and-run *Heidi Fleiss - arrested for tax evasion in connection with her prostitution ring and illegal use of prescription drugs *Yasmine Bleeth - arrested for cocaine possession

The Hardcore

*Snoop Dogg - arrested for possession of a deadly weapon *DMX - arrested for impersonating an officer, drug possession and cruelty to animals *Gary Dourdan - arrested for possession of heroin, cocaine and ecstacy *Lil Wayne - arrested for possession of marijuana, cocaine and ecstacy

The Old

*James Brown - arrested for domestic violence *Phil Specter - currently serving 19 years for murder *Rip Torn - arrested for DUI *George Clinton - arrested after telling a police officer he had cocaine on him

Laugh Out Loud

*Hugh Grant & Divine Brown - a John & his prostitute (self-explanatory) *Kid Rock - arrested for fighting at a Waffle House *Matthew McConaughey - arrested for possession of marijuana after police found him playing the bongo drums in the nude *Ryan & Redmond O'Neal - father & son arrested for drug possession


Anonymous said...

love it!!!!! et

Your Mama said...

This just proves....yup.....we ALL have bad days!

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