Thursday, January 28, 2010

Idol Chatter -- Dallas Auditions

OK, I'll never admit this to the husband, but tonight's auditions actually made me miss Texas a l'il bit. Especially when I'm here surrounded by ass chapping snow.

Also, about tonights guest judge, let me just say YAY DOOGIE. Such a good looking guy. *Sigh* Too bad he's gay.

On to the contestants:

*Julie sucks as bad as she did 9 years ago. Her diction is creepy. And yes, completely annoying. Dude, breath control had nothing to do with it.

*Big Lloyd -- loved his Stevie Wonder audition. His song was a little slow for me, but I loved his voice.

(OK -- let me sidetrack for a minute. In my last post, Emily made a comment about how annoying the judges were when they said things like "a million percent yes" or "a hundred and ten" or....well, basically anything higher than a hundred. Let me just say right now, that I could not agree more. It is TOTALLY irritating.)

*Emily -- the chick that sang her original song. She was FABULOUS. Glad she made it. I think Simon was WAY off. She sounds as good as a lot of the CURRENT country singers out there today.

*Dexter -- first of all, quit winking; it's creepy. Secondly, you can't sing worth a darn. You sound constipated.

(OK -- another side note. I would like to officially nominate Neil Patrick Harris as Simon's permanent replacement as full time judge in the following seasons. He's awesome)

*Erica (the chick from Barney) -- she was alright. Not a knockout vocal, but she's got fantastic stage presence.

*Dave (the guy with Tourette's) -- He sounded really good. I was suprised and impressed.

*Todrick (the guy who sang with Fantasia) -- His original song was great. I loved every second of his audition. Great vocals.

*Maegan (with the cute little brother) -- She had a bit too much vibrato and she sang the song too slow. I would have actually said ''no'' to her if I'd been a judge.

(OK -- does Joe Jonas know how to say anything other than "yeah". The guy is a tool. Why is he here??)

*Vanessa (the girl dressed like a box of crayola threw up on her) -- Dude, "At Last" this audition is over. She was painful to listen to.

*Christina (the Lukemia survivor) -- Meh. I really didn't like this at all. She was boring, too slow, and really didn't have any presence. She'll likely not make it past Hollywood.


Mark and Emily said...

Ok THANK YOU for noticing the percent thing...except I apologize for pointing it out so that it now annoys you too!

I missed most of the show but I loved Emily and the Touret's guy really surprised me too. I second your nomination for Neil Patrick Harris - he was awesome!

I did get excited when I saw some of the places I'd visited in Dallas last year, I was thinking of you and wondering if you were missing that place!!

SongbirdMama said...

No, Em. It always annoyed me. But now it's just getting rediculous. Kind of like Randy calling Simon "Sime" this season. Completely irritating.

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